of Profesional
Football Players

We would like to present our company, WBD Capital.

As licensed intermediaries by The Royal Spanish Football Federation, we are dedicated to represent football players, mostly in Asia and Spain.

Our international network is our best guarantee. 

We have reached the best football leagues with our represented players in Europe, Asia and South and Central America.

We have access to the most powerful clubs from the 1st and 2nd division, mainly in Asia and Spain.

Our represented go from top level international players to the young talented ones. If you are a football club or a professional football player and would like to experience our vast background, then do not hesitate to contact us.

We are committed to offer you the best service.

Our large player portfolio represents our good performance during all of these years since our foundation.

The pillars of our business


Representation of professional

football players

WBD Capital has got over 150 football players in its portfolio.

Finding a team, negotiating a new contract or improving the conditions of a renovation are the fundamental points of our work.

The payment will be defined as a percentage of the football player´s salary (supported by the player or the club). It usually moves between 5% to 10%, depending on the payroll of the player.



We also act as intermediaries in football players´ transfers; not only the ones in our portfolio but the ones we do not represent. These players can take advantage of our worldwide networks.

In this case, the company will receive a commission, base on a percentage of the value of the transaction ( also between 5% to 10%)


Global service

All-inclusive expertise and decades of experience in national and international representation; providing integral cover for all aspects of the footballer professional life.

The only thing the footballer will need to be worried about is PLAYING FOOTBALL.

Almost all the players represented by our agency are Spanish and Asian. The victories of the Spanish National Team in the last two European Cups and the World Cup of South Africa have spreaded the Spanish brand all over the world, positioning the Spanish players and coaches in the first line. The success of the national clubs, with the role in European competitions of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atletico de Madrid or Sevilla, also helps.


International market

WBD Capital is ready to carry operations in any football league as Premier League, Deutsche Bundesliga, etc.

In our portfolio you also can find players from Cambodia, Qatar, China, India, etc.

Our professional international staff is in charge of the career of those footballers who want to play abroad. They will find the best market for each of them.

Our head office is in Madrid, but it extends its networks throughout the national territory and few cities in Asia, with someone in charge of each area.

If you want to have success in your football career,
WBD Capital will help to achieve your dreams.